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{Systems and Networks Engineer}

[Few lines about me]

In 3 words : An IT guy.

I am using GNU/Linux Systems since several years. Currently for work and personnal use, I am on a GNU/Debian 12 system using GNOME. I also regularly use Windows for work and gaming. I really like the free (libre) software philosophy (from Richard Stallman's movement). However, I am not that extreme in my computing. I use non-free programs almost every day by constraint but also by choice.

I think we can not avoid non-free software in daily life, I'm not a paranoid person who never uses them (or claims to never use them). When I have the choice, I will always choose free (libre) software. Unfortunately, computer science has become more of a business and marketing instead of remaining a common science of sharing and knowledge.

In my job, I mainly do Linux + Windows systems administration and networking (OSI model layers 2, 3 & 4). I am one of those responsible for data security and integrity. I also do scripting (Bash, Powershell, Python) and from time to time web coding (PHP, NodeJS / JS).

[Software I use]

Here is a non-exhaustive list of software I recommend and use :

[Contact me]

You can contact me by email to :

I do not refuse to send unencrypted emails via GPG. However, as SMTP is not a secure protocol by design, I usually prefer to use GPG encryption when sending emails. Here is my fingerprint and my key :

75C8 D432 37D4 E900 056E 8517 3F72 770B C56B 3A22
my key (RSA 4096 bits)

Obviously, if you want me to send you an encrypted answer, you need to send me your key.